Green Tea!


you knew I wouldn’t do this without an Irish version!! SOLD
Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

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    • Well, I think it is up to you to interpret the work! There are as many interpretations as there are viewers of any piece of art! Yes, green tea was in my mind but I am also of Irish descent and have many lovely and dear Irish friends! So it’s a little of both really! Hope this helps and thanks so much for your comment!

    • Well, thank you so very much Ninay. I am honoured by your nomination as it is the second Leibster I have received over the last few months! So wonderful of you to think of me although I find it hard passing them on…takes me forever and a day…..and it is so hard to choose new recipients. Again, thank you kindly for your nomination.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments and yes, I can see that as well. I have always loved stained glass and wanted some in my home but I could never find anyone to make a window for me. Perhaps this is way way of learning a stained glass technique without the glass! Thrilled you dropped by for a visit and have a great weekend!

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