She Served It Square?


my apologies for the shine!
Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Square cuppa……who knew….also SOLD!!
Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Again, with its imperfections, but like I said yesterday…that is part of the process of making art.   Doing it because you have to and want to, not because everything you make has to be perfect.  These are a twist on some cups I posted about two months ago…I just went a little further with them and they were sold at an auction at the local school.  Selling price unknown but I am just thrilled that they sold!  Enjoy, take a chance on something different and keep making art!


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  1. This is so nice dear Lorelei. So exciting too… This is You and Your art… I am sure this is only the beginning… They are so beautiful and I loved their white frames… Will be so nice on the wall… Good Luck my dear Lorelei, every day is another exciting day for art world… Thank you, have a nice and inspirational day, with my love, nia

    • Thank you nia! Yes..Me and My art…i like how you wrote that! Thank you for being so encouraging and such an inspiration to me each day. Thrilled you liked hte white frames, I find using white or another single colour to mat and frame (although these are not matted) really allows you to see the work rather than distracting from it. I would love to see them where ever they may be now. Thank you nia for your wishes and you are rihgt, every day is another exciting day when you are in this art world of ours…especially with such wonderful friends like you! Love to you too, Lorelei

  2. Congratulations on your sale. They are great as usual. I dreamt last night that I was painting with water color and they were looking like your work. It was a dream because I have very little artistic talent.

  3. Great advice! And I like the imperfections…my favz are always the ones with the pencil marks because then you get a feel for a bit of the process. Look at you selling all your work!:) Yeah.

    • Thanks Julie!! Me too, I really think that is a part of the work and yes, the process is, and always will be, extremely important to me. I remeber on my first night of art class, the instructor asked if there was something I would like to learn to paint. My response ” it is the process of it that interests me more than anything else at all”. Her response in return ” I think we’ll get on just fine then “!! And we did and still do

      I know, I was so shocked that they sold, I figured I’d be taking them back home again! Thanks again for your comment!

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