Siku the Fairy


According to the Canadian Encylopedia there are 52 words for snow in Inuktitut  and Nunavik. The base word seems to be Siku so this is what I named this snow fairy that came to me by way of an artist friend of mine.  As always, keep making art!


Doodles and oranges.


It has been a long time since I posted anything here but as they say “there is no time like the present”.  Today I was inspired to make art by two different people.  One was an unsuspecting colleague who had unknowly drawn some scribbles on a page on his desk.  I was in his office for work but was immeidately drawn to his “doodling”.  It was hard to stop myself from leaning in for a closer look at what he had drawn.  The funny part was that when I mentioned it to him later via email he had no idea that he had made these doodles.  I have to say…as I said to him, if he wasn’t intending to make anything he had some pretty skillful scribbles and should seriously think about making some art.  The other was also a colleague who, again, I was visiting for work purposes and who was dabbing some orange essential oil on her hands.  I have a raw fruit allergy and can’t eat oranges but the smell reminded me of the “just peeled orange”.  We chatted about this for a moment and then I moved on with my day.  Anyway, long story short, both experiences inspired me to make some art and post it here.  I have almost always ended my blog posts with “keep making art”  and who knows…perhaps you too will be inspired to make art by something as simple as doodles and oranges. 


Squares of Many Colours


It has been a long time since I have posted anything. The reasons are many but the main one has been technology…my old computer could not keep pace with WordPress at all. Regardless, I have continued to make art and continued to enjoy its process whether good or bad. I have no idea as to whether I have posted this one under another title or not, but I like it and had great fun making it so here goes…I hope you enjoy it and I hope you have all been well. As always…keep making art, whatever your art may be.




I made this, and titled it, last weekend and wasn’t sure if I’d post it until I read a friend’s post this evening about seeing the crown jewels in London as a boy with his Mom or his Grandma, he couldn’t recall. The best part though was how happy these memories made him. I was inspired by his memories and his joy in sharing them and then I remembered my joy in creating this little artwork. My friend, by the way, has two blogs, one is called “frogs pad” and the other is called “the black crane”. Both are here on wordpress and my family and I have created many happy memories of our own reading his blog together. I hope you enjoy and keep making art.

Quidi VIdi Brewing Company

Quidi Vidi Brewing Company Copyright 2014 Lorelei Walsh Park

Quidi Vidi Brewing Company Copyright 2014 Lorelei Walsh Park

Quidi Vidi Village or “The Gut” as it is also called is an “outport” within the city of St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.  Way back in the 1800’s I had relatives that lived there.   On a recent trip to the island I had the opportunity to take a few photographs of Quidi Vidi.  There was quite a bit of fog the day I was there, which, I think, added to the mystery of the place.  And for the beer drinkers, this brewery makes some incredible beers if you ever have a chance to get there!