Tea With Friends


Red and Orange Tea…SOLD!

Framed Red and Green

I wish we could have tea together my friends.

Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park



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  1. They are so beautiful…. do you notice, you are going to have a collection and should be in exhibition soon… I will say once again your selection about frame is great. Thank you dear Lorelei, it would be so nice to have a cup of tea with you…. For now I can only dream 🙂 Love, nia

    • I am so happy that you liked these nia and I would love to have tea with you as well and with all of the wonderful bloggers who have become friends over these last few months. I like a white frame on work as it really does allow you to view the work rather than viewing a distracting frame! You are such a sweetheart nia….I will dream of tea with you one day…I’ll bring the cups and the tea party hats and you can bring the breezing landscape that we can appreciate together! Have a wonderful evening nia. Love to you as well, Lorelei

    • Thank you so very much Mr. Jueseppi! That was an amazing thing to do. Your comments have brought tears to my eyes and I am filled with joy that viewing my work has helped you find a soothing moment away from it all.

    • Well thanks so much! Nor am I!! I just love to make it and am trying to educate myself along the way! I do love kayaking as well and am trying to learn more about it as I do it more. Can’t wait for the waters to get a little warmer here!! Oh and btw, kayaks coming soon…I’ve been working on them this morning!

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