Doodles and oranges.


It has been a long time since I posted anything here but as they say “there is no time like the present”.  Today I was inspired to make art by two different people.  One was an unsuspecting colleague who had unknowly drawn some scribbles on a page on his desk.  I was in his office for work but was immeidately drawn to his “doodling”.  It was hard to stop myself from leaning in for a closer look at what he had drawn.  The funny part was that when I mentioned it to him later via email he had no idea that he had made these doodles.  I have to say…as I said to him, if he wasn’t intending to make anything he had some pretty skillful scribbles and should seriously think about making some art.  The other was also a colleague who, again, I was visiting for work purposes and who was dabbing some orange essential oil on her hands.  I have a raw fruit allergy and can’t eat oranges but the smell reminded me of the “just peeled orange”.  We chatted about this for a moment and then I moved on with my day.  Anyway, long story short, both experiences inspired me to make some art and post it here.  I have almost always ended my blog posts with “keep making art”  and who knows…perhaps you too will be inspired to make art by something as simple as doodles and oranges. 



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