Have noted this on some other pages so here it is….the views, opinions expressed within this blog are the opinions of the writer and do not represent any organizations, corporations, professional regulatory bodies or businesses views ( whew…I think I covered it all).

The work presented is my intellectual property ( never thought I’d use those words…sounds so serious) and if it is not I will do my best to credit the correct person, organization.  but overall, I started this blog as a means to share information, creativity, inspirations and motivations with other like minded people.

Thus far it has been a very enjoyable….and validating experience for me!  As recommended by a fellow blogger….I will blog on!!!


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    • I don’t think you have to…..I did because I am involved with a number of organizations in varying capacities..also I thought it might protect me if someone decided they wanted to use my stuff and if that stuff just happened to be my greatest invention or thought or piece of art without me knowing it at the time of it’s inception (ha!)….convoluted answer, yes…but that is why I did it. Hope this helps!

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