Watercolourist Prepares for Two Weeks Away


Well folks, I’ll be away for the next two weeks or so and have been frantically trying to get all my posts scheduled whilst I am away. I am going to a beautiful place called Marco Island in Southwest Florida.  It is a lovely place and we go there yearly!  I also get a chance to visit with my mother as well and am very much looking forward to seeing her.  You will notice that I am still posting but will only be able to respond to comments when I manage to find a wireless hotspot, likely their local Starbucks.  I will post previously completed works (paintings and drawings) completed over the last few years and upon my return I hope to have a new crop of work and great photographs to blog about.  My work tonight includes photos of my completed watercolour journal and a photograph taken from one beach of another beach in Marco Island, that juts out further into the Gulf of Mexico.  Just another day and I’ll be there.  Enjoy, wish me luck, keep visiting me virtually and, of course, keep making art!

just the beginning


just the ending


I always start reading from the back!


open the cover and the learning begins!


not my first bound book of work but I am just as proud of it as I am of the others!


my first but not my last




beautiful Blue Gulf of Mexico!


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