Artist Overheard Saying “I Love My Kids!”


I love my kids more than anything or anyone else in this world.  So many people ask me questions like ” where do you get the time to paint with two little ones” and my other favourite “don’t you miss out on time with the kids with you painting all the time”.  For the people who ask such questions, which by the way, none of my fellow bloggers have ever asked, I share the answers I would like to give those inquiring minds.

The anser to question one:  It is precisely because I am the mother of two small children that I can get the time to paint.  You see, mothers and fathers, I’ll not be sexist about this, learn to really use the frontal lobes to exponential degrees when challenged with the planning and organizing of children, their things and often enviable social schedules.

The answer to question two: As a result of all this practice at organizing everything from hot lunch money, attending two music lessons, a riding lesson and a birthday party on one day , I am…voila…capable of setting up a painting space and using it whenever possible!  I sometimes even create artworks for my kids and believe it or not involve them in the process from time to time.

So to those artists of all kinds out there who completely get this concept, my apologies for stating the obvious.

For those others, I feel badly that you can’t make the time to engage in something you love (regardless of what it is) that can only enrich your relationship with your children and many others.  One that can teach your children to be true to what they love because by doing so they gain the energy and the wisdom to be happier, wiser and better parents.

The works I’m posting are my first attempts at portraits of my children.  They are based on photographs taken by their adoring Mommy on a “snow day” while playing for hours at the park.  Art is everywhere and in everything, you don’t have to make the time to create it.  It shows itself to those who are open to finding it  even when, believe or not, children are present!  Enjoy,  whether the kids are around or not and  keep making art!

My son on a snow day!

My daughter on a snow day!

Catching snowflakes

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