Lance’s Cardinal

Lance's Cardinal Copyright 2013 Lorelei Walsh Park

Lance’s Cardinal Copyright 2013 Lorelei Walsh Park

Some of you may remember a blogger and artist names Lance Weisser.  He is an amazingly talents watercolour artist and an inspiration to me.  He has not blogged since May of 2012 now and although I have searched for him, I can not find him.  I know others have looked for Lance as well.  His blog is called and he is a wonderful gentleman.  This cardinal, completed with watercolour pencil now belongs to my mother but when I look at it, I think of Lance.   Don’t forget the people who touch your life, even for a moment, as they can have a long-lasting effect on your heart and soul.  Value them deeply for you never know when they may just disappear.  Enjoy and keep making art!


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  2. Hope all is well with Lance, he made it a point to stop by and say a kind word every now and then. Great drawing….

    • Yes, me too! Such a wonderful person. Thanks so much. I don’t often just use pencil but was out of reach of water and paint at the time this was created. You are doing a great drawing challenge this year yourself! Thanks for the visit!

    • Yes, that is Lance but he was on wordpress quite often in the past and has not posted or commented in a long time. I was aware of his work at the Courthouse Gallery as well and checked to see if he might be on their list of current artists but, alas, he is not. Thanks so much for searching him out and for visitng the blog, but still no word from Lance.

      All the best to you and yours,


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