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Lance’s Cardinal

Lance's Cardinal Copyright 2013 Lorelei Walsh Park

Lance’s Cardinal Copyright 2013 Lorelei Walsh Park

Some of you may remember a blogger and artist names Lance Weisser.  He is an amazingly talents watercolour artist and an inspiration to me.  He has not blogged since May of 2012 now and although I have searched for him, I can not find him.  I know others have looked for Lance as well.  His blog is called weisserwatercolours.wordpress.com and he is a wonderful gentleman.  This cardinal, completed with watercolour pencil now belongs to my mother but when I look at it, I think of Lance.   Don’t forget the people who touch your life, even for a moment, as they can have a long-lasting effect on your heart and soul.  Value them deeply for you never know when they may just disappear.  Enjoy and keep making art!