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Watercolourist Wears Tibetan Shoes


can you tell I’m having fun! Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Well then, this one has a long story.  The shoe itself was drawn in pencil on a summer evening in 2011.  Then, I covered it in gold acrylic paint and began to drop watercolour drops all over it!  I was in my fun zone for sure.  Then….it sat for a long time…months really, and since I always keep most of my unfinished works “in view” and ” on my mind” I was in my studio one night and it just called out to me.  I grabbed my Tibetan Art book by Lokesh Chandra and began flipping through looking for something to inspire an adornment of the shoe.  I found this fabulous colour and “painted frame” around some of the works in this book.  The interesting pattern on the shoe was discovered on a painting of a rather disturbing looking “minister” who is ruthless to his enemies.  I wonder how he would feel about me using this pattern on a shoe!  Regardless, the work you see here was born.  Hope you enjoy it, rifle through your art books to see what you stumble across and keep making art!