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As Klee Would See It: St. John’s

As Klee Would See It: St. John's Copyright 2014 Lorelei Walsh Park

As Klee Would See It: St. John’s Copyright 2014 Lorelei Walsh Park

So, it’s been awhile but I have been making art, working and clearing snow. Hope you enjoy the finished product and for any who are interested; I had ‘the” most incredible time in London and saw the Klee exhibit at Tate Modern three days in a row as well as loads of other fabulous art! I highly recommend a visit to Tate Modern if you can manage it. It is well worth the visit. Enjoy and keep making art!


Paul Klee in my Dreams: Klee Glee

Paul Klee Dreams Process 1 Copyright 2014 Lorelei Walsh Park

Paul Klee Dreams Process 1 Copyright 2014 Lorelei Walsh Park

Today, I am at Tate Modern in London, England to view the Paul Klee EY Exhibit. I have loved Paul Klee’s work since first viewing it at the Bergruuen Museum in Berlin in May 2011. Since that time my deep love and understanding of Klee’s work has grown and developed. So much so that when the Tate exhibit opened on October 16, 2013 (which was also my brithday) I took it a sign and resolved myself to the fact that I would have to go and see it in person. So, as you read this, I am in my “Klee Glee” settled in front of one of Klee’s works in London. When it comes to art, follow your heart and let it be your guide. I did!

Me and Paul Klee


Me and Paul Klee Copyright 2011 Lorelei Walsh Park

As I prepare to depart on my moving adventure, the statistics I have kept over the last nine years have become important for my next job post.  This work started as a Venn diagram so I thought I’d show this one today in the spirit of adventure and stats.  I bet you that has never been said before.  Enjoy, think about your stats every now and then and keep making art!

Paul Klee Rides Again


Paul KLee Rides Again Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

This is a marker rendidtion of Paul Klee’s “Riders” viewed up close and personal by me at the Albertina Museum in Vienna.  Those who have followed me since the beginning, or even the last few months, know I love german watercolourist Paul Klee.  Check him out, enjoy and keep making art!

After All That…I Need A Cuppa Tea


Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Yes, this sold at an auction along with three others..coming to a blog site near you…of course I erased all those pencil lines first before framing but it sold nonetheless and you know …when I closely examined the works of Paul Klee and Henri Matisse, I could see their pencil lines and other imperfections so with that I have certainly been able to accept my own!  I hope you can accept them too!  Enjoy and, as always, keep making art!