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Watercolourist is moving again!!!


Hi folks, this is my first blog including text only.  Just wanted to let you know that I am still around and still reading blogs but I am moving at the moment and have been extremely busy with the move and finishing up at work before I go on vacation.  Hopefully, I can start blogging and making art again as soon as possible as I am certainly feeling the fact that I haven’t put brush to paper or canvas for almost a month!!!  Unheard of in the past three years and becoming intolerable!!  I am admiring the art around me daily, from the art I find in the natrual environment to the clothing people wear to all of your fabulous blogs!!  Wish me luck in getting back to the studio (or some semblance of a studio) very soon!   All the best and keep making art!!!  Blog on my friends,  Lorelei x