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Manatees are Magical

Manatees are Magical Copyright 2013 Lorelei Walsh Park

Manatees are Magical Copyright 2013 Lorelei Walsh Park

My family and I had the pleasure of taking a private, expertly guided, manatee tour the other day and it was amazing. Seeing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat was simply breathtaking. We learned a lot about the manatees, their history, feeding patterns, and their stress-free herbivorous lifestyle. I was fascinated to learn that they float out to the Gulf of Mexico on the tide, feed and then hitch a ride back into the calm inlets the same way. How smart is that! The lore about the manatee is that this is the mammal that was often mistaken for the mermaid by weary sailors. My bilingual daughter then expertly informed me that the manatee is called the “siren” en francais. Makes total sense. If you ever get a chance get to the marina behind the Port of the Islands Hotel on State road 41 that runs down through the Florida Everglades, dock D and book yourself a tour, you will not be sorry. Enjoy my very simple drawing of the manatee, keep exploring your world and keep making art.