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Watercolourist Sketches While Discussing Archetypes


Another conference inspired watercolour journal work and drawings!  Yes, I like to draw/sketch too!  Not near as beautiful as some of the drawings I have seen by people who post daily drawings or doodles but my sketching attempts nonetheless from power points shown for a minute or two!  The images are mine based on the quotes being discussed with the exception of my Plato sketch attempt (it was almost complete when the speaker took down the slide:().   Coincidentally, a frined of mine just today said something very similar to the Buddha quote below.  I thought this was timely…he discussed the river, sometimes riding the raft and sometimes watching it pass you by, but thought that if you were riding the raft, you might as well enjoy it!  He had no idea of my post tonight nor what it included.  Funny how those things happen sometimes.   We’re all interconnected.

The words on the watercolour page are those of James Hillman, the troubadour of ” a psychology of archetypes”  Here they all are, enjoy and keep making art!

narrative, thera, layers, tending, anime mundi, psyche, soul, sufi, gods, serve

The soul must help the souless..Plato

Once you reach the shore, leave the raft behind..Buddha