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Dean’s Books Have Arrived!

Dean's Book's

Dean’s Book’s

I was so very excited today when I came home to find these on my hallway hutch!!  Books written by a wonderfully talented gentleman and fellow blogger Dean J. Baker.  If you don’t follow Dean, do so right now for you will not be disappointed!!  Enjoy and keep reading!


A Message To Myself


A Message To Myself

The background on this notecard is really lovely.  I don’t know if any of you recall that I completed a watercolour journaling course in January of 2012..see early days of this blog for descriptive and visual details…..but at the last session our incredible creative coach had us prepare a notecard to be sent to our future selves at some unknown time during the year.  Unknown because at the end of the class we returned the cards to her.  I received my card about a week ago and was joyfully tearful when I read my message.  I feel so proud of myself for continuing on with my art and so thankful to my creative coach Ms. Donna Mulholland at Creativity Matters for the gift she has given me.  Check her out online as she does some fantastic work and online courses as well!  Enjoy, try this exercise, it is well worth it and keep making art!

Blue Canvas


Blue Canvas 1


Blue Canvas 2


Blue Canvas 3


Blue Canvas 4

Well, even though they are out of order they are what they are…my preparation for a work to be completed with a family I work with during my day job…you know, the one that finances my art supplies and art collecting habit…..yes, that one!  So, the other night I left my sleeping children and husband, went to the far reaches of my art studio and got started.  So while Adele sang all about her tale her woe, I painted.  The plan:  I am having a final meeting with a wonderful family and I decided that I would bring my art into the workplace and let them have some fun.  I am hoping to show you their results on another post…I am hoping they send me the photos I took of their completed work.  As much as I love making art myself, I also love to see the effects that making art has on others.  Their smiles were brilliant!!!!!   So worth it…….enjoy, bring some art into someone’s day, you’ll be fascinated by the results and, as I always say, keep making art!!!!




Colour Rings True


Ring creation number 1..made by csdp (my daughter)


Ring Creation number two …made by csdp ( my daughter). This one is for me!


Today, I thought I would showcase my daughter’s works of art.  She loves making jewelry and is doing a jewelry camp this week with an exhibition of the work planned for July 27, 2012 from 3:45pm to 4:30 at the University of New Brunswick Art Centre.  One thing that I have noticed about my children since their Mommy found her art again is that are experimenting much more with their own.  I love it!!  Enjoy and keep making art!!!


Shoes For Angela And Her Sister


I told you I had a surprise for you Angela! Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

A few months back, Angela Doo of mydailycreativity did a sisters series and I just loved it.  I also knew that Angela was a fun loving shoe lover and I thought I’d give her a little surprise.  Thanks to Angela and her sister, and their sisterhood, for your inspiration!  Enjoy and keep making art!