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Thank You For The Music


This was a card created for a lovely lady who played the flute to accompany a song called ” Why We Sing”

inside front cover, the Canadian and Italian flags

the message with signature of our director

…and the back cover! Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

So where do you find a flautist at short notice in Italy.  Apparently in San Candido!  Barbara played an accompaniment to “Why We Sing” and it brought many tears to eyes in the choir and throughout the audience.  She was a wonderful musician and our director requested that I produce a thank you card for her.  You have just seen my results.  I certainly hope that Barbara is happy with it and hopefully she also checks out the blog.  Enjoy, keep making music and keep making art!


Watercolourist Visits the Albertina


I took a shot of the sign so I wouldn’t think I was only dreaming when I returned back home!

It was a surreal experience to say the least.  First I stayed on the main floor and explored the German artists…I really love the works of German artists…there is something about the colours and mark making that makes me want to see more.  Then I headed upstairs to see some of the works of Picasso and Monet.  No matter how many times you see the work of these artists in a book, seeing them in person is an experience that left me feeling I’d transcended.   I have also included a shot of the choir in Vienna on Canada Day as my computer crashed whilst I was away and I was unable to update my posts with new pictures as I had hoped.  Enjoy, if you are in Vienna you can not miss the Albertina nor the palace (or it’s cafe as it had great desserts, see below,!!),. Keep looking at and making art!!

Oh Canada!! What a day!


Best dessert of the trip!!!



Thank You Cards


Thank you card 1 Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park


Thank you card 2 Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Thank you card 3 Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

These were cards given to the Tour Manager and our fantastic bus drivers for the trip to Europe.  Those poor guys, having to put up with over 60 ladies for two and a half weeks.  The choir’s manager asked me to create a thank you for them so I did these three cards with the Holy Heart of Mary Alumnae Choir Logo and thank you in three languages!  Enjoy and keep making art!

What a Trip!!!


A quick watercolour before the choirs sang..Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Hello my friends!  The trip was stupendous and I am thrilled to say some of my posts were placed on the International Choral Bulletin…very cool.  Am a  little jet lagged today but was thrilled to see my kids and my husband last evening at the airport.  After 23 hours awake..it was lovely to sleep in my own bed again.  I am posting a little watercolour completed whilst on the Kronplatz in Alta Pusteria…it was a quick one and unbeknownst to me…I was surrounded by a throng of people while doing this one.  My sisters and the other choir members were thrilled as well as I sketched them during performances…will post some of that work soon as they are still rough sketches completed in less that 10 minutes :0.  Enjoy and keep making art!

And We Fly


On our way back home today!  Bittersweet as I have missed my husband and children terribly but an experience that I would never have wanted to miss!  Thank you to the Holy Heart of Mary Alumni Choir for taking me along as a companion singer and for sharing this expereince with me.  I’ll be joining the choir in the Fall as I will be moving to Newfoundland in August!  Home to the music….life just doesn’t get any better does it!  Keep making music and keep making art my friends!

Watercolorist Singing Oh Canada at the Schonbrunn Palace


Well, that was a surreal expereince!!  Singing Oh Canada in another country on Canada Day made me feel very proud and very patriotic.  We also sang the Ode to Newfoundland from my province of heritage!  It was lovely.  Spent the rest of the day at the museums again and rested up for the long trip back to Canada tomorrow!  Keep making music and keep making art!

Watercolourist Visits Vienna Day 2


Walked and painted all over Vienna today.  Saw the Hofburg Palace and the Figarohaus (where Mozart lived when he composed Marriage of Figaro).  Absolutely magnificent!  Visited the Vienna State Opera House this afternoon and thoroughtly enjoyed the performance of the Vienna Mozart Orchestra at golden Hall this evening.  I cried, laughed and sighed at the beauty of the music…as if should be!  Keep making music and keep making art!!

Watercolourist Visits Salzburg Day 2


The Sound of Music Tour was Alive with Music!  We sang ” The Sound of Music” and “Eidelweiss”.  What an expereince…best acoustics in the world!!!  Also we performed more formally  in Salzburg!!  The photograph is from google images.  Enjoy!  Keep making music and keep making art!!