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Paul Klee Rides Again


Paul KLee Rides Again Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

This is a marker rendidtion of Paul Klee’s “Riders” viewed up close and personal by me at the Albertina Museum in Vienna.  Those who have followed me since the beginning, or even the last few months, know I love german watercolourist Paul Klee.  Check him out, enjoy and keep making art!


Watercolourist Visits the Albertina


I took a shot of the sign so I wouldn’t think I was only dreaming when I returned back home!

It was a surreal experience to say the least.  First I stayed on the main floor and explored the German artists…I really love the works of German artists…there is something about the colours and mark making that makes me want to see more.  Then I headed upstairs to see some of the works of Picasso and Monet.  No matter how many times you see the work of these artists in a book, seeing them in person is an experience that left me feeling I’d transcended.   I have also included a shot of the choir in Vienna on Canada Day as my computer crashed whilst I was away and I was unable to update my posts with new pictures as I had hoped.  Enjoy, if you are in Vienna you can not miss the Albertina nor the palace (or it’s cafe as it had great desserts, see below,!!),. Keep looking at and making art!!

Oh Canada!! What a day!


Best dessert of the trip!!!