Carry Me Home


Carry Me Home Copyright 2013 Lorelei Walsh Park

So, here I am again. I was listening to Hey Rosetta today, their song “Carry Me Home” hits home this year as I am not home…again, like I have been for about 20 years but what makes this year different is that last year…I was home and I actually went to see Hey Rosetta play and heard them sing that song. I have begun to realize though, that the year at home was not a loss, it was a gain. My children and I have even stronger connections than I could have hoped for. Enjoy, remember that being home is a gift you give yourself and, as always, keep making art!


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  1. Dearest, I am so happy to hear you again, welcome… As always I will say, angels, muses and the sun be with you dear, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday with your family. Thanks and Love, nia

    • Thanks so much nia! Things got quite busy as December unfolded and so my intention to begin posting more often went out the window. It took me a long time to post this one as I am not up on all the new wordpress updates. May the angels and muses be with you as well. Merry Christmas my dear nia!! It is always wonderful to hear from you! Love to you and yours, Lorelei

    • Thank you David! Funny thing about my home is that even visitors to Newfoundland often find that a piece of their heart remains with the island when they return home. A recent visitor from the UK said that very thing to me as we embraced for the last time at the St. John’s airport. He had spent a month with my family. He said. ” you might find this funny, but I feel like I’m leaving home again”. I told him that Newfoundland, and Newfoundlanders, make people feel that way and said no matter whether my family was in Newfoundland or not, he’d always feel at home here. I miss it dearly and always will.

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