David is a wonderful writer, storyteller and a Lego enthusiast…this story, in particular, is near and dear to my heart. If you don’t follow him yet, follow him now!! Thank you David!!

Frog's Pad


Lorelei’s tail propelled her through the water.  Although many metres underwater, the scales twinkled and sparkled as they picked up the smallest amounts of light. Although she moved quickly, she conserved what energy she could as it was going to be a long journey, heading from the cooling waters of the north towards the warmer waters along the hemisphere.  Above her, she noticed the wooden hull of the ship that was beating a similar path, it’s propulsion coming from the huge sails that sat above it.  The ship moved quickly, but she was heavy – so Lorelei’s progress was much swifter.

Lorelei noticed that she was getting closer to her destination.  The waters had changed from the more murky greens and browns to clearer blues; the fish seem to be more vibrant and colourful and – oh the warmth – of the water as it was heated by the sun…

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