Magical Christmas

Magical Christmas Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Magical Christmas Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

This piece was actually created during the Christmas of 2010.  I am posting this tonight instead of a new one because I have had a few medical issues the past few days that have, much to my dismay, prevented me from painting.  I hope to post something freshly painted for you tomorrow.  Enjoy, take care and keep making art!

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    • I’m getting there Kim! This was something that took me by surprise but I am certainly on the mend! Thanks so much for your concern and for your ever so kind comments! I really love this work as well as it was one of my earliest pieces after I decided to plunge myself back into making art! Have a fabulous day and take care, Loreei

    • Thrilled you liked it! I love the outdoors and always loved images (whether on TV commercials, Christmas cards or in photographs) of a single tree in the forest covered with lights. There is something very magical and whimsical about it…and then along came this little painting!! Thanks so much for dropping in for a visit!

    • Thanks! I love the purples and pinks and use them much so taht those are always the first pans of colour to be emptied! I am startig to feel a little better now and will continue to take care. Thanks so much Margie! Have a wonderful day, Lorelei

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