Blue Canvas


Blue Canvas 1


Blue Canvas 2


Blue Canvas 3


Blue Canvas 4

Well, even though they are out of order they are what they are…my preparation for a work to be completed with a family I work with during my day job…you know, the one that finances my art supplies and art collecting habit…..yes, that one!  So, the other night I left my sleeping children and husband, went to the far reaches of my art studio and got started.  So while Adele sang all about her tale her woe, I painted.  The plan:  I am having a final meeting with a wonderful family and I decided that I would bring my art into the workplace and let them have some fun.  I am hoping to show you their results on another post…I am hoping they send me the photos I took of their completed work.  As much as I love making art myself, I also love to see the effects that making art has on others.  Their smiles were brilliant!!!!!   So worth it…….enjoy, bring some art into someone’s day, you’ll be fascinated by the results and, as I always say, keep making art!!!!




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