Purple Craze


Purple Craze Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

This was completed on my recent, well, las month’s, overseas flight from Canada to London.  I tend to use my markers on the plane as it’s far less cumbersome than my watercolours and it keeps me occupied for about half an hour. Only did one on this flight though as the lady next to me was a lovely lady to have a chat with and we talked quite a bit about her recent trip to Canada and her plans to return.  It was funny because as we chatted more she started asking about my art and as we parted ways she said…”your art is very distinctive…I’m sure I’ll see again sometime”.  I thought this was a very nice thing to say and was well chuffed for the rest of the day!  Enjoy and keep making art


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  1. Like this – your art IS very distinctive, however, don’t rest on your laurels – step out of the box and maybe try something a little different – dangerous 🙂 – may be another medium – what ever you do – keep at it!

    • Thanks so much, I am glad you enjoyed this! I have painted in acrylics but just not recently as I am in the process of moving house and home to Newfoundland, Canada. Once I’m settled I’ll start living dangerously again…..and I’ll make sure I post it!! You may enjoy my 100th post, it’s a series of five 24″x36″ canvases painted with acrylics. Have a look and let me lknow what you think! Have a great evening! Lorelei

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