Loving David Hockney


This is a collage of photographs taken outside of the Berggruen Gallery in Berlin.

I was looking at a lot of David Hockney’s work at the time I took these, May 2011, and was inspired to give this a try.  The plan: paint and photography collage on one canvas.  More to come!  I hope your imaginations are running wild right now!!  Enjoy and keep making art!


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    • I am so envious! I have never seen his work in exhibition but am planning to get to the UK next summer so am certainly hopeful I’ll see some of his work then. I have a number of his books and can only imagine how fabulous the work is up close. He is a fantastic artist! Thanks for dropping by!

  1. When I met with him, his paintings hit me too… He is great artist. His big paintings are so beautiful. This weekend we looked at one of his books with my painter friend. We talked about his art. How nice you inspired too… I would like to see what came up to you mind… Good Luck dear Lorelei, you always seem to me so exciting with your creative world. Thanks and Love, nia

    • David Hockney is a wonderful artist and he has such energy in his work. I always find myself combing through his books and enjoying his work and his insights into the works of others ( the Secret Knowledge book). I try to keep things fresh nia and am so glad you appreciate that. I miss chatting more regularly with you…thanks so much for dropping by and seeing what I’ve been up to! Love, Lorelei

      • I have this book and also A Bigger Picture, too… I love his paintings. They are all so inspirational too… I am so glad to share with you too, dear Lorelei. Have a nice day, love, nia

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