My Marlboro Man


My Marlboro Man Copyright 2010 Lorelei Walsh Park

Well, as you see, this was painted a long time ago when I was playing around with styles and I ran across an artist named Elizabeth Peyton, one of her works I actually had the opportunity to see in person when in Vienna recently…it was pure rapture….any way, I loved her bold broad strokes and interesting manner of creating facial features so I gave it a try. Nowhere near the absolute perfection of Elizabeth Peyton but a decent first attempt I thought.  Wish the photography was a bit better for you but I can draw and paint but not so good with the camera..but I am learning from all of you who are great photographers and whose blogs I follow.    Enjoy and keep making art!


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    • Thanks Kim! I can’t wait to have a full studio that I can mess up again…although I can still work with watercolours, I can’t get into the acrylics again until my house is sold. I will get back to it though…I miss doing this type of stuff. I’m so glad you enjoyed this one!

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