What a Trip!!!


A quick watercolour before the choirs sang..Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Hello my friends!  The trip was stupendous and I am thrilled to say some of my posts were placed on the International Choral Bulletin…very cool.  Am a  little jet lagged today but was thrilled to see my kids and my husband last evening at the airport.  After 23 hours awake..it was lovely to sleep in my own bed again.  I am posting a little watercolour completed whilst on the Kronplatz in Alta Pusteria…it was a quick one and unbeknownst to me…I was surrounded by a throng of people while doing this one.  My sisters and the other choir members were thrilled as well as I sketched them during performances…will post some of that work soon as they are still rough sketches completed in less that 10 minutes :0.  Enjoy and keep making art!


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