Very Inspiring Blogger Award


You know me, just wanted to do something a little different.  I have been extremely tardy with the passing on of awards so here is the last in the award series.  Thanks to C.C. Charron and I Have A Voice. I find it difficult to accept these awards as I promised myself that I would post art each day and the award posts take me so long that I can’t get to my art and do the post too!  So you have seen my compromise! My interpretation of the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, thanks so much Christopher and Deb!  As for passing it on, this part is difficult for me too so instead of having to choose, I’m going to pass it to the last few people who followed me.

They are:

1. T.D. Nicholls

2. mervb01

3. Anarty

Congratulations and keep sharing the love! As always,  Keep making art!


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