Watercolourist Awarded The 7×7 Link Award


Thanks to Deb for this award nomination!  I know I am supposed to share seven things about me so here they are.  I am a Mom to two beautiful and creative children, one of whom speaks French (ergo the Merci!), I am the wife of a soon to be retired military man, I have 11 siblings (ack!), I love to travel, I love music of just about any genre, I love to make art and I love looking at art!

My nominees are:

1. yumi

2. bardessdmdenton

3. barbaraelka

4. N Filbert

5. Nuno

6. geralin89

7. David Halliday

Congrats to all!!  Now get out there and share the love!   Keep making art!!!!

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    • Thanks bruuser1%!! I actually had been awarded these over the last few months but find award posts, as they are meant to be posted, unwieldly and cumbersome so…I am getting them all passed on at the same time and have placed my own artistic impressions upon each award! So thrilled you dropped by! Hope you enjoy your visit. All the best to you and yours, Lorelei

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