Watercolourist Finds Way Back To Other Love: Kayaking


Me and my girl! She loves her blue kayak!

My daughter towing her friend with Daddy in the tandem (Wilderness Pamlico) to supervise!

The view from my kayak…a Wilderness Pungo!

If you have never tried it, these kayaks are the best for beginners and experienced paddlers!  I started with my son at age 3 and daughter at age 8.  They are now 5 and 10 and have learned to really love their kayaks as well!  Enjoy, try it…you’ll love it and, as always,but with a twist, keep making art and keep paddling!


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  1. Looks like a wonderful day on the water, Lorelei. Doesn’t it just feel good to be out there? Is that fresh water or sea water you’re on? I’ve been out quite a bit lately but seem to be having a terrible time finding some free moments to blog about it.

    • It was excellent Greg! I always say to my husband ” Being out here makes me feel like I don’t have a mortgage (ha!)..yes it is excellent! That is fresh water Greg. We live in New Brunswick so there are loads of places to kayak. We will be moving to Newfoundland at the end of the summer so maybe next summer we’ll get out on the ocean. The pics you last posted were amazing! I love seeing what kind of adventures other people get up to! Keep paddling mate!

    • We have a camp site on this land and plan to kayak here often before we move a the end of the summer. More kayak posts coming through the summer no doubt! Thanks so much for you comment!

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