A New Twist On Blue Star


Twisted Blue Star

Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

In Newfoundland. Canada, Blue Star was a type of beer.  I am not sure if they still make it but I remember the pirate themed television ads for “Blue Star Beer”.  Hope you have enjoyed my foray into the planned blog month.  I have enjoyed it but not as much as the “on the fly” post I usually do.  So, tomorrow I start back with my ” whatever happens to tickle my fancy kind of posts”.  Enjoy, sticking to one colour or theme is harder than you think and keep making art!!!


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    • You are so kind! Thanks! I am a bit of a free spirit with my work but I had a great teacher who really showed me that art can have so many forms that just about anything goes! I really have fun with my art and do it for me! I certainly will return again to see your work! Have a great evening and I hope you’re feeling better.

    • I love blue too! I have a great little paint set with lots of blues. I love it because I can pull off a little watercolour in minutes without all the mixing and being precious about the colours. Have a wonderful day!

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