Watercolourist Moves To Photography


No worries though, I’ll be back at the painting real soon.  With the house showing though my painting room has been off-limits to my messy painting habits for a short while.  Enjoy and please bear with my photography skills as they are not near as fantastic as many of yours!!  As always….keep making art!


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  1. I am glad to see you in photography too dear Lorelei. I loved your tulips… I can imagine it is not easy to get ordered in new home… Will take time. Be sure I would like to see your photographs and also your amazing paintings too… Thank you, have a nice and enjoyable day, Love, nia

    • Thanks so much nia….things are just so busy and the house is always clean and tidy and looking like no one lives in it…for the prospectiev buyers! It is difficult but I just couldn’t mess up the room that is showing asa very neat a tidy art room..not the way i ususally have it at all! I hvae alwyas taken photographs but am not as good at it as so mant of the great photographers I follow…including you my dear nia! Have a lovely evening nia!

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