Watercolourist Has House Showing And A Flat Tire


I leave you with a photograph of some of the flowers in my garden instead of a parrot flower this evening….but who knows maybe this too could be a parrot flower.

Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Well then.  My first post with no artwork in forever but really good reasons.  The sign went on our house at 2pm and we had an appointment for a showing made by 3pm.  The showing was for 7pm so I picked up my kids, had supper out, and then went to look at our campsite whilst people perused our home.  All was going well until we pulled in for some gas and heard a pop.  We inspected and thought “we can make it home”.  We did not.  About 15 kilometres from home our truck got a flat and the tow truck driver, once arrived, could not get the tire off the truck.  Alas, we were towed and finally just arrived home with tired kiddies, tired Mommy and tired Daddy!  Wish us luck and keep making art!!!


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    • Thank nia..it was a very tiring night but we made it it home safe and sound and that is the important part!! Thanks so much for your lovely wish for creativity…Love to you nia, Lorelei

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