Watercolourist Patiently Awaits Kayak Season (Kayak 1)


Kayak Number One Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Some of you may already know that I live in a part of Canada that has a long winter!  Due to this, I start dreaming of my kayak again in mid-February during my annual visit to Florida.  As the season to get my kayak out of storage approaches, my mind and apparently my paintbrush have begun to think and dream of the experience!  So, you will be enduring or enjoying my short (three more to come) series on kayaks done in watercolours on sketch paper!  My husband and I have been kayaking with our kids for three years and so the children love and look forward to kayaking as well.  My daughter has a Wilderness Pongo, I have a Wilderness Pongo and my husband and son use a Wilderness Palomino.  When the kids were a little smaller we just had two kayaks with me in the Palomino with my daughter and my husband and son in the Pongo.  As they have grown we have moved to three and really love it!  Enjoy, thanking you in advance for enduring my kayak fever and, as usual, keep making art!


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  1. I didn’t know where you live dear Lorelei… I can imagine how long winter days and how snowy days… Florida should be amazing for any time… Kayak painting is so nice… The colours calling us to the sailing… Your family seems doing great job with these kayaks… Thank you, as always you took me a voyage in this amazing world… With my love, nia

    • Thanks nia!! So glad you enjoyed them! I live in Atlantic Canada…in the dictionary under the word SNOW! The rivers are just beginning to warm enough for us to get out but we have to wait a little longer to bring our kids out! Hope you enjoy the journey! Love to you as well nia, Lorelei

  2. Needless to say, I will be very much enjoying your next few posts. But I’m biased…

    I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t kayak all year round. Although, I do push the conditions a bit in winter.

    Hope you can get out on the water soon!

    • Thanks Deb! You don;t know what you’re missing. I took a friend out in the tandem with me ( she took some Ativan first) and within about 5 minutes she was talking about getting one of her own! Great rainbow/travel/R and R feelings ! Have a great day,

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