Watercolourist Loves Peruvian Shoes


A painted shoe and the Camoflage of the Peruvian Army?? Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Who knew the two could go together so well!  I think anyway. I have a large number of these, different shoes with different camouflage and am hoping to start showing then off again (there are a few already posted in January 2012).  This one uses some of the colours used often by German artist Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, another artist with whom I became enamoured during my trip to Germany last spring.  Schmidt-Rottluff was an artist with versatility with many watercolour works, oil works, pencil and charcoal sketches as well as prints.  I own a book of his works ” Karl Schmidt-Rotluff: Eine Monographie by Magdalena M. Moeller,  Publikation des Brucke-Museums Belin, 2010″.  It is a fabulous book and although written in German, I have been making my way through it!  Enjoy, explore the works of Schmidt-Rottluff and keep making art!


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    • Thank you so much, I actually have received a better reception on these camo shoes from men than from women! I love shoes too but due to a knee injury many moons ago, can no longer wear them 😦 Have a lovely day and thank you for your comment!

      • You’ll find men are into looking at women’s shoes a lot more than women are into wearing them. U are an extraordinary talent. Thank you for sharing your gift.

      • I didn’t expect it but you are very accurate. I have showed a number of men these camo shoes ( there are about 18 in total) and the response is always really good. At least now I know where the market is for this stuff (ha!) Thank you for your kind and very generous comments!

    • The colours are heavy and the camo of Peru is as you see it! As you can see and read, I don’t like sticking to the one style or set of colours as I do get bored with it after awhile and have to change things up! I don’t know if Peru conscripts its military but perhaps that may be the trapped feeling you’re getting! Have a lovely afternoon, Lorelei

    • Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for honouring me in this way Camila!! I have been meaning to write a blog for a number of awards that have been so kindly passed my way of late but I haven’t gotten to them yet as it takes me forever to prepare those posts! Thank you again and I will do my best to post it soon! Have a lovely evening,


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