Red Penny Girl


a closer look Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

In memory of Penny, my neice, who passed away suddenly six months ago today.  Twenty-three forever.  I ‘ll always be her god-mother, she’ll always be in my heart.  This work was actually painted a few weeks after she passed but “she” was on my mind for months, dog-eared in a travel magazine.  I wanted to paint a close facsimile of that advertisement…for practise using different tones and shades of one colour.  After Penny passed, I looked at “her” differently, seeing that she looked like Penny (I didn’t do her justice at all by the way) and was wearing a wonderful travelling cloak as she embarks on her next life’s adventure.  Enjoy, love the ones around you for they can leave without warning and, as always, keep making art.

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    • Thank you so much for your poetic description of Red Penny Girl. It soothes me to know that others can also see her spirit shining through the piece in this way! Thank you and may the angels and muses be with you Deborah…….Lorelei

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