Watercolourist Wears Tibetan Shoes


can you tell I’m having fun! Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Well then, this one has a long story.  The shoe itself was drawn in pencil on a summer evening in 2011.  Then, I covered it in gold acrylic paint and began to drop watercolour drops all over it!  I was in my fun zone for sure.  Then….it sat for a long time…months really, and since I always keep most of my unfinished works “in view” and ” on my mind” I was in my studio one night and it just called out to me.  I grabbed my Tibetan Art book by Lokesh Chandra and began flipping through looking for something to inspire an adornment of the shoe.  I found this fabulous colour and “painted frame” around some of the works in this book.  The interesting pattern on the shoe was discovered on a painting of a rather disturbing looking “minister” who is ruthless to his enemies.  I wonder how he would feel about me using this pattern on a shoe!  Regardless, the work you see here was born.  Hope you enjoy it, rifle through your art books to see what you stumble across and keep making art!


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    • Thanks so much!!! I love shoes and have many painted shoes!!! I’ll be posting them every four or five days in the coming weeks! Thanks for dropping by and making a great comment!! Have a great night!

      • Cool!! Actually I am painting a pair of shoes…not the same shoes but still two on one page and I had you and your sister in mind! I’ll post it in June as I have most of May already planned but you know what they say…the best laid plans…..so you may see them even sooner. Looking forward to seeing your shoes!!!!!

  1. I’d have never thought of this! This is ingenious ! I’d love to take a favorite dress patter and do this process~wonderful again ! I especially love the mustard gold tone and shoe style. WONDERFUL ! Fondly Deb

    • My mind goes to some pretty wierd, wonderful and whimsical places when I’m in my studio late at night. Thank goodness I have so many wonderful art books in there so when in need I can grab one, have a quick flip through and voila!! I have something! I love shoes and there will be others upcoming, most of which were completed in the last two years. The idea about the favourite dress pattern is fantastic…that would be fun! All sorts of ideas and inspirations running through my mind now!!! Thanks so much Deb…I am very thankful for your generous visits to my blog!! Have a great night…..Lorelei

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