Unfinished Rough Study?


Unfinished Istanbul Study on Borwn Paper Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Another study for Istanbul started and left ‘as is’ , and very roughly ‘as is’ I might add, during the final 30 minutes of an art class in early 2011.  I do always start big though and I did with the Istanbul piece (see April 18 post).  As you all know my recent education about Istanbul by the fabulous nia has gotten me re-thinking Istanbul and I think the completed piece is coming closer to the surface all the time.  Thank you my dear friends, all of you, for your inspirations over this last few months!  It has given me courage to continue on with my art and the energy to do so!  Enjoy, being unfinished is not final.  Keep making art!


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  1. Nicely goes on… I enjoy to follow you and to watch you dear Lorelei, I made reblog your previous post and everybody likes your amazing project. Thie is so exciting for me too. Thanks and Love, nia

    • I am so thrilled you liked it and think it is so neat that you reblogged it! Thanks so much! The studies I have posted are older one but the newer work to try to complete this piece is coming soon! I am glad that you are happy about it! I am too and thank you for the inspiration!!

    • Deb! What a fantastically poetic comment! Thank you so very much for this…I am so honoured that you continue to come back to visit and continue to make these fabulous comments! Have a lovely day, Lorelei

    • You know it’s funny because I was so hesitant to post this due to it a. being unfinished and b. being really really rough work but I’ve had a great response to it. Thank you so much for this.

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