Watercolourist Does A Study Of Istanbul


detail for nia Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

As you saw yesterday…I started an aerial of Istanbul that really should have been about 4 by 5 feet in size.  Here is a study for that piece!  I thought this might help me get back to it and alas it did not…until now!  Thank you nia  for your inspirational photography of your Istanbul as I believe you and your work is bringing me back and giving me the courage to return to this work started so very long ago!  Enjoy, dig up your old stuff left unfinished, give it another whirl and keep making art!


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  1. I’m totally lost in the feel; the density of so many buildings but a lightness because of the coloring, nuances of diversity, a wonderful marriage between theme, colors and design, you’re wonderful ! Sincerely Deborah

    • I love your descriptions, so rich and full of colour! Thank you so very much, this study was a piece of the full work that I felt (at that time) too overwhlemed to even try to draw so I painted it instead! There are so many textures and colours to capture and I am so thankful for your lovely and so kind words! Love to you, Lorelei

  2. Dear Lorelei, this is so exciting for me too… but you know, all your projects, works are same excitement for me. I love to watch you day by day… as if I am doing with you 🙂

    This painting seems that would be so nice… The colours hit me already… I don’t remember the original one, does the sea seem in the picture too…? In my mind I imagined the sea, especially the colour of sea with your painting… Thank you dear Lorelei, your own wind, angels and muses and the sun BE WITH YOU always… I love you, nia

    • Love to you as well nia! Yes, the sea is there, far off in the distance with a bridge as well and a few ships! I am so glad you enjoyed the colours and that they are making sense to you, living there in that beautiful place! Angels and muses be with you too!

    • Thank you so much…I used watercolours and some acrylic paint as well!! Now if I can only keep the momentum going to start work again on the full piece! Thanks so much for your comment and I am glad you dropped by for a visit!

  3. Gorgeous. I often like artists’ studies as much as or better than the finished pieces, as they retain both a fresh liveliness and a sense of the process in their look . . .

    • Thanks so much Kathryn! I really like this study but don’t know if I’d have the patience to do the painstaking work on the larger piece…l”ll just see what happens once I get started on it again! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. Lorelei

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