Slop On Some Paint


Double Take, Double Take Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

How to have fun with paint in 5-7 minutes! Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

How to have more fum with paint in about 6 minutes! Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

After being so precious with the paint on “My Mother’s Closet” (interested readers, please see 100th post) and also having loads of leftover paint I took out two small canvas boards and went for it!  Yes, I just slopped on the paint with abandon and was not precious about it at all, as I am sure you can see!  Having worked for a longer time than initially planned on those five pieces I felt I needed the release and I also don’t like to waste paint!  The inspiration was a tissue box of all things.  It was in my office and during a particularly riveting meeting I became enamoured with the print on the box which looked like an old photographic negative to me.  Obviously, it stuck with me and here you have it.  Enjoy, realize that your inspirations don’t have to be glamorous and keep making art!


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  1. When I was in Milan, I bought black canvas…. it was the first time I saw black canvas and still it is here, I haven’t done anything… I remember it now. To do something on black colour is amazing and I love. You did a wonderful work. Especially these pink leaves or drops are amazing… Your creative mind is amazing actually… Thank you dear Lorelei, with my love, nia

    • I am so thrilled that this has brought back some memories for you and that it has you thinking about what you might place on that black canvas!!!! Thank you nia for your lovely comments, always such an inspiration for me! Love to you as well, Lorelei

  2. YOUR blog should replace “like” with LOVE “~ Unbelievably beautiful and inspiring… Feelings of romance and stillness, that we shirley step in a sacred hush. To say the least~ I loooove it! Congrats! Sincerely Deborah

    • You are too kind Deborah!! I feel that way about many blogs as well!! I love how you have described it. Thank you for your beautiful description that paints a stunning artwork of its own. Have a lovely day, Lorelei

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