And She Loves Cars Too!


he love his cars and his mommy loves him! Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

This was a work completed in time for Christmas 2011 for my son..who loves his cars….this was a group of his ‘dinkies’ that were sitting in this composition on my kitchen counter…I photographed and voila!!  So much fun and he loves them!  They hang proudly in his room above his bedside table.  Enjoy, paint some cars and keep making art!


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  1. What a beautiful painting… I loved it too… Should be amazing on his room too… Thank you dear Lorelei, your paintings are so beautiful… Have a nice and enjoyable and creative week, With my love, nia

    • Thanks so very much nia! This is his second cars painting and he loves them! He asked me to paint one of his Pokemon for him the other day..perhaps I will post that sometime soon! Thanks so much nia, your comments are always so lovely and inspiring! Always reminding me to stay with my creativity! Have a lovely week as well nia. Love to you too, Lorelei

    • Thanks…I did lots of practice before I pulled this one off. My son has another one in his room as well but I drew the cars from the actual dinkies laying on the coffee table and then placed them into a composition. This one, I had a photgraph to go by and that helped with getting the lighting correct and the colours looking good! Glad you like it!

  2. Terrific piece! Love the composition, and the subject matter is of course dear to the heart of any of us who’ve spent quality time in our youth playing with Matchbox and other little cars and trucks. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your wonderful comments. It is great to hear my son tell his friends about it, saying “my Mom is a real artist…because she can even paint cars”. So cute and you are so right in saying that this subject matter has a wide appeal to all of us “kids”!! Have a great night, Lorelei

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