Watercolourist Comes “Out Of The Closet” On 100th Post!!


Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

My Mother’s Closet Series Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

First and Second Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Second and Third Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Third and Fourth Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Fourth and Fifth Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

So after this title I am guessing you were wondering what the heck I had planned for this post.  Well, those of you who have followed my artistic meanderings over the last few months may recall me posting one of a five piece series called “My Mother’s Closet”.  Then I posted a detail of another in the series but didn’t show it to you in its entirety.  Well, here they are…all five in the “My Mother’s Closet” Series.  They are all acrylic on canvas and are 24 x 36.  The photographs were taken by me so my apologies to all of my wonderfully talented photographer blogger friends…I know, some of these photos are a little wonky (and one has my overhead fan pull in it!!) so please forgive me for this!

These five pieces are a tribute to my 82-year-old mother and all of the fabulous colours she surrounded me with as a child and continues to do so to this day.  They are my rendition of her closet from her home in Florida.  The pieces have been in the works for a little over a year and finally, they are complete!  Thank you to my wonderful mother for her inspiration throughout my life.  I hope she realizes how much Colour and Joy she adds to my life and the life of my children every single day!  Thank you as well to Jean Rooney and Donna Mulholland, who continue to guide me in my journey back to art.  Thank you to my husband and children for encouraging me in my daily art practice these past hundred days and more (as well as my daily blogging practice).  The support of my friends and colleagues is also greatly appreciated.  Finally, thank you to my fellow journey women and men who have enriched my artistic education in more ways than I could ever describe.  Enjoy, cherish the ones you love and what they bring to your life and, as always, keep making art!!!


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    • Fabulous!! I love your interpretation as I do love music and listen to it loudly whilst I paint in the wee hours of the morning!! Such a beautiful way of seeing! Thanks for your very throughtful comment!

  1. Very interesting. I often look at my hanging and folded or draped clothes and am inspired by the colors and shadows. I never thought of looking in other peoples closets. Inspiration lives with us in the most mundane places.

    • that is certainly true! My mother wears lovely coloured clothing as you can see and I have always been inspired by them and her! You will never look at another closet in the same way again!! Thank you for you fantastic comment!

  2. You are so lovely and so nice one dear Lorelei, you are both so lucky people, daughter and mother… God Bless you both…

    Do you know what reminded me while I was reading your amazing journey in your art world, there was a poetical like of mine, “… Mom give me my colours back…”… made me cry a little bit. So, I said you are both so lucky! And so precious too…

    Congratulations for your blog… I wish you to have more and more reasons for congratulations in your life dear Lorelei, you made me love you with your amazing art and with your beautiful heart…

    I loved this series… colours are amazing… All your works make me excited, because always there is next one in my mind and waiting for next one… I haven’t started yet to make real paintings, but seems soon I will… you inspire me, you call me to paint again…

    Thank you so much for sharing with us, and Thank you for all these beautiful works and inspirations… and Thank you being YOU there..

    With my love, nia

    • Oh my dear nia! How does one respond to such a genuine and heartfelt comment. I am in tears and am truly overwhelmed by your thoughts and emotions brought on by these works! They are quite emotional for me as well and I am hoping they will comfort me always and remind me always of my lovely and joyful mother.

      Thank you so much for your congratulations, for your acceptance of me and my art “just as we are” and for your beautiful wishes for my future. It is with fellow bloggers who have become dear friends that I have become braver and braver to share my work, this work in particular, with you all. I am touched that the art I am sharing is influencing the life and daily experience of others and has inspired you to perhaps(I am hoping) answer the call to paint again.

      Thank you nia, for being the lovely and true person that you are. We all love and cherish you for it every day. Love to you as well, Lorelei

      • You are so beautiful…. remember the song who was singing I can’t remember now but this is for you dear Lorelei… I love you and your creative world… You are welcome and Million Thanks for all your beautiful words… Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  3. I love the simplicity – paintings that initally appear entirely abstract, but when the connection to the closet is revealed they look so perfectly realistic.

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments! One of my art teachers, Jean Rooney, loves when I turn them sideways and they look like really interesting landscapes! Try it for another twist on the work!

  4. Wonderful pieces! I love the concept of them as much as they way you executed the paintings. Lively, graphic, bold, full of texture and incipient Stories. And believe me, I understand your struggles with photographic documentation of your work. Drives me crazy sometimes! But I think you did very well with it anyway. Beautifully done!!

    • Thank you so much Kathryn, my mother dresses in such fabulous colours and I really wanted to capture that and thank her for it. Her energy certainly comes through in the work as all of your desriptors could also be applied to her! Thank you for your insightful comments and for being understanding about the photography!! You are too kind! Have a lovely evening, Lorelei

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