Watercolourist Combs Through Ginger Hair


I have a little bit of ginger in my hair.

Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Back to the old days again!  This is a watercolour completed in November or December 2010.  I’m not sure then as I wasn’t signing my stuff and certainly wasn’t dating it!  This piece grew out of  one of my early art lessons!  My art teacher, Jean Rooney, had asked me to comb through magazines and choose any and all images I liked without judging them or planning in any way at all.  “Choose things that you enjoy looking at” and “it can be anything at all”, I can hear her saying it now!  So off I went to do it.  Once I had gathered up my images, just as I had with my  ‘pink haired lady of the chairs’ posted just a few weeks ago, I started to put them together on the page.  The lady came from an advert for an art gallery (Jean told me she liked my version better!).  The rest of the images came from a home decor magazine.  I really need to do this again as I loved the process of creativity involved.  I can really see just how important that process is.  Oh, and by the way, I still have most of my original images on poster board in my art studio.  I think I’ll pull them back out and place them where I can see and absorb them again.  Enjoy the process and keep making art!


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    • Yes..me too!! I have more in the archives and to tell you the truth I think I may have posted this much much earlier on in the blog but with a slight change to it (I put gold beads around her neck)! Regardless, I am so thrilled you enjoyed it!

    • Yes, me too!!! Maybe I was up to something when I painted this (ha!). I have a few really good friends who all have ginger hair and they are all great characters, perhaps this is where her smile comes from. Thanks for your comment!

  1. I loved too… You are doing great job. Thank you dear Lorelei, and also I should say this too, to see different subjects in your art is nice too, with my love, nia

    • I so glad you enjoyed this nia and you are so very welcome. I try to paint a lot of different subjects as I am finding that it helps to sharpen my skill and challenge me at all times. I’m not sure I could stick to just the one thing for long..although some things hold my attention longer than others! Love to you as well nia, Lorelei

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