Watercolourist Gets Ready For Easter (Hat #1)


The painted 'royal colours' hat!

So with Easter approaching I thought I would return to my hat series for the week with the thought of preparing for the Easter Parade by selecting the perfect Easter Bonnet!   This, of course, is just for fun as I am not attendingan Easter Parade but could be coaxed into wearing an Easter Bonnet with only mild encouragement (ha!).  I have a number of upcoming hats ready to post throughout the week and would love it if you assisted with the choice of which one to wear.  Today’s hat is one I used in another post but I only had completed the drawing at that time.  So here is my painted hat for today!  Enjoy, imagine you or a friend wearing this hat and keep making art!


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      • Yes, especially I would be so glad to wear this, but should be a nice dress too with shoes… It would be so proud of to say this is one of my blogger friends’ creation 🙂 You are welcome, Love, nia

      • shoes will follow soon..I promise that..I actually have about 18 painted shoes too!!!! A few of them were posted very early on in my blog (early jan2012) but I was thinking I’d start to post a few of them again soon…so stay tuned! Thanks nia for being willing to wear the hat and enjoy your night!

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