Watercolourist/Artistic Fiend Uses Markers Too (Part 4)


I had so much fun with Frank!

Oddly enough, I never took a photograph of this entire work but took loads of close up shots.  Here is one of them.  The work is framed with two others now and is hanging in my home!  I really hope you enjoyed these Frank Stella inspired works and hope you are inspired to try something of your own!  Keep making art!


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    • Thanks Margie! I most certainly will, perhaps the remaining works (five more) will make an appearance at a later date. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm. Have a lovely day. Lorelei (aka IL)

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comments! I really do love colour and was inspired by the colours around me at the time I created each of these pieces (four are posted but there are nine in total). I tend to work quickly and try not to allow my inner critic to say too much while I’m working, so there is nothing holding me back. Yes, I would love to post the whole piece, perhaps I will have to take it out of the frame and photograph it properly for a future post! Thank you again for your wonderful comments and for viewing the work!

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