Watercolourist Explores Andy Warhol (Part II)


Sketched after my birthday and Thanksgiving!

Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Well, what do you think of my second Andy Warhol inspired still life?  Again, as you can see, it still contains my Noritake Watergreen china as well as my cup of tea( without which the experience of making art would not be complete) and my withering birthday flowers sent from one of my many beloved sisters who lives in Qatar.  The sketch was completed in late 2010 and painted on that same bleak mid-Winter night in 2011 during which I painted ‘Watergreen’ ( see my previous post!).  Yes, I completed the two in about three hours listening to great music whilst my little ones slept.  This is also completed on sketch paper with watercolours, acrylics and watercolour pencils ( I don’t leave home without them!).  I really hope you enjoy my foray in Andy Warhol and still life, try one of your own and keep making art!

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    • Thank you so much and I love that you call me Ms. Lorelei. I did a residency at Detroit Receiving Hospital in 98-99 and this is what Ms. Connie, Ms. Ava and Ms. Maxine called me everday! I miss those three ladies dearly and think of them often…thank you for reminding me, it is a lovely gift to have received this morning!

  1. I really enjoy your work. My sister is an artist in Alaska (Constance Baltuck), and I often go to her openings, or we visit galleries when we are together. It is always fun to discover another artist. Great post.

    • Thank you again, I will search your sister’s work, I’d love to see it. I enjoy seeing the work of other artists as well, the experience is always so inspiring! It also means so much to be referred to as an artist..thank you for this wonderful gift today.

    • Thanks so much for your great comments! I love colour and it seems, so does everyone else! I appreciate your comments about making the viewer do some work as well…I really believe each work should speak in as many different ways as there are people. Your comment tells me I’m beginning to capture that! Thanks so much, it means so much coming from a fantastic artist like yourself.

  2. I agree with all the others–it has so much liveliness and effervescence. Again, a Marc Chagall quality for me, meaning a great sense of movement without trying to force reality onto the viewer. You are great for letting watercolour BE watercolour, Lorelei, which is wonderful. A watercolourist loves watching what the water wants to do and then enjoys following along. This is your medium.

    • Well, how to respond to your so very thoughtful and kind comment! Coming from a watercolour artist like you, this means so very much to me. I do enjoy watercolours so but am sometimes drawn into the acrylics and mixed media as well. I appreciate your encouragement and will continue to work with watercolours daily as I enjoy allowing the water and colour to meld and mold itself. The water guides my ideas and I never quite know where I’ll end up with it but I am learning more each day and enjoying it immensly. Thank you again for your comments.

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