Watercolourist Re-creates Prismatic Spring


based on Yann Arthur’s aerial photograph!

Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

This is also an older watercolour completed between October and November 2010.  I, again was learning watercolour techniques and was also stalking my way through the most fabulous aerial photography book I had ever laid my hands and eyes upon!  It  was Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s Earth From Above.  The Amazon Canada website touts it as:

“the result of a five-year airborne odyssey across five continents that was published around the world to critical and popular acclaim”.   The book, they describe, contains ” all the astonishing original photographs together with 17 new images and authoritative new texts by world-renowned environmentalist Lester Brown and other well-known ecologists.  Arthus-Bertrand’s remarkable aerial photographs offer the most revealing and spectacular portrait of our world ever created. Produced under the sponsorship of UNESCO, the book is also a unique documentary record of the state of the world’s fragile environment”.

It is an amazing book and when I viewed his work I, and my art teacher, Jean Rooney, felt that the photographs lent themselves to watercolour nicely!  It was a fabulous learning experience for me and although Jean felt it was a big way to start, she felt I had to start with something that “turned me on” and in the end she and I were pleased with the result!  Enjoy, check out ‘Earth from Above’ and keep making art!


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    • it’s anamazing photograph! I couldn’t find the book but have a smaller and more wordy version that has a number of other photographs in it as well! Have a browse through, there is a fab one of Istanbul that I started but became too pverwhelmed with to finish! With all thos beautiful phots by miasunset of late I am thinking I will get back to it!

  1. Really nice painting. I love the colors that you used for the sea, the blues and turquoises, add a nice contrast with the yellow and earth tones.

    Great idea to use this kind of aerial photos as reference.

    • Thank you so very much! I really loved working on this and learned so many watercolour techniques through this work. The “sea” is actually a prismatic hot spring so it is actually that colour! The spring is in Yellowstone National Park in the USA. I still have a few more of his photos that will lend themselves to waterclour quite nicely, I just haven’t managed to get back to them yet! Thanks again for your wonderful comments.

  2. This is so beautiful dear Lorelei, you carry me too in this exciting artful touches… I noted these names and book too. Thank you, dear Lorelei, it is so nice to share with us, With my love, nia

    • Thank you nia, I am so happy you enjoyed it! It is a wonderful book. In it, there is also an aerial photograph of Istanbul. I started working on it as well in 2010, bit the detail was too overwhelming for me at the time. I have it all drawn in already and some watercolour pencil on so I am hoping to get back to it soon! It is a really fabulous photography book and I think you would really love it!! Have a lovely evening/night nia!

      • Sure…. I noted to my order list for next time to Amazon. Still my lost order books (7 books) still haven’t reached me!!!!! You are welcome dear Lorelei, let me say this, your art work really makes me excited and inspires me too… Maybe right now I am not doing real watercolour paintings, but art is art in any way, and you are so nice friend for me in this area, you share and you feel the same exciting moments as me. Thank you so much, angels and muses be with you always, have a nice day, with my love, nia

      • You are so right nia! Art has so many forms and it is all wonderful! I love your works as they really do make me want to paint them (sometimes all of them!). It feels wonderful that you think of me as a friend as I have described you to others using the same words! We are learning so much from eachother and viewing art as art should be viewed, with excitement and enthusiasm! I hope your books arrive soon, I get mine in about 5 days usually. Thank you nia my friend, angels and muses be with you as well, Love to you too, Lorelei

      • You are so nice. It is same for me too, you know. Have a nice and enjoyable creative moments dear Lorelei. You are welcome and Thank you so much.Love and Hugs, nia

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