Artistic Experimentation is Cool!


me thinks this is interesting!

Multiple coats (maybe 4 or 5)of that blue looks really good, to my eye anyway!  This is also on drawing paper and started with the blue and then all the horozontal and vertical marks above!  I’m thinking the inspriation for these has been the mangrove trees and of those incredible Floridian colours!  I am really thankful for this blog and all of the feedback all of you provide.  I started the blog to encourage myself to continue my art making on a daily basis in some form or another.  I also took a watercolour journaling course to encourage the same pratice.  Both have worked wonderfully and I am now nearing the completion of a 5 series project that started with a few photographs almost one year ago (yeehaw!). If you are interested in viewing some of the series, I have posted them on other posts earlier in the year entitled Watercolourist Has Affair with Acrylics too!, Watercolourist In Training: Day 5 and Ecstatic!.  Enjoy, do some cool  artistic experiemtnation of your own and keep making art!


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  1. about 15 years ago i needed a big picture of a tree to put on the wall in my clasroom. i went to the art teacher and asked if she’d draw it, and i showed her the rough size i needed. she said, “no.” i was taken aback, then she explained as she ripped several big slices of paper from a roll and grabbed a couple of pencils. “you draw it,” she said. she then made a rough sketch, and i copied what she did. then she pointed out some differences and showed me a technique for making branches, roots, and puffs of leaves. “do you think that anyone just draws whatever they want the first time? no way. you draw a tree. you see the parts you like and remember them. then you do it again, and then you change the parts you didn’t like. it might take you 20 or so tries, but you’ll get it done, and you’ll like it much more than if i just draw it for you.”

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