Watercolourist Makes Marks with Sand Dollars!


a little work with pencils, markers and watercolours

Although I do enjoy my journals, I began using them as an inspiration to work on larger pieces!  It worked but sometimes even when I am working on the watercolour journal, which for me becomes more of a mini-watercolour  art book as opposed to a journal, I find myself wanting to do a little more and to use other media.  This little work on sketch paper was drawn with pencil first and then I used marker lines over the pencil and then added the paint.  I try not to erase at all when I draw, a great tip from artist Jean Rooney with whom I worked on techniques and everything else “art” for over a year .  I find that when I don’t allow myself to erase I spend more time taking in the lines with my eyes (and my visual cortex) and this assists in my mark making and ultimately, with me being happy with the mark the first time.  The extra time spent on taking it all in with my eyes gives me more confidence and leads to a stronger line in the end.  I have also posted my photograph of the items drawn…try not to be too harsh on me with the reflection!  Enjoy, try drawing without erasing and keep making art!

here are the 'real' items!


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    • not really, I did two much larger versions last sping using the same style! Will post soon! Thanks for liking it! I like change and having fun with it. I also like to explore other syles as well! Actually, there are on my FB Anne, just look at newest artworks and you’ll find them! Great to hear from you!

  1. Good work with the reflection. The perspective in that point of view is not easy.

    Next time I’ll try to use the eraser just for my blog name! lol

    • Thanks so much! It wasn’t easy at all and I know I didn’t get it perfect but as you have likely already discovered, my art making is not about making it perfect…at all!! Let me know how your “not erasing” goes. I’ll be interested to hear of your results!!

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