Watercolourist Fascinated By Walking Trees


these are incredible trees!

Here is what Discovery Magazine’s April 2011 issue had to say about the mangrove :

Mangroves are survivors, due to elaborate root systems that sprawl above and below the waterline. These so-called walking trees coolly shrug off extreme heat and muddy topsoil deficient in oxygen and filter the salty waters of southern Florida and tropical Southeast Asia, where the majority of the 73 known mangrove species live. Mangroves also help other species survive, forming dense forests that shelter monkeys, kangaroos, and tigers as well as shellfish and brightly colored corals. Even humans benefit as impoverished 
coastal communities exploit the tree for food, lumber, and medicine. But mangrove forests are dwindling. Relentless deforestation and powerful tropical storms have reduced their numbers since 1980, prompting ecologists to step up their investigations into the unique ability of mangroves to survive and protect their coastal environments.

The mangrove is was called the walking tree by the Aboriginal peoples that area because the way the roots seem to stand and move in the water.  I noticed myself that when we boated through areas with many mangroves that it was a very spiritual experience for me and I found myself meditating on the mangrove tree,  They are a wonder of our world to add to the many others!  Enjoy, draw or paint a mangrove tree and keep making art!


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    • Thanks, sometimes I do drop it but I try to make it sound like a newspaper title! I also paint with acrylics just as often! Thanks Margie and am really happy that you enjoyed the mangroves! They are an incredibly resilient tree!

  1. Once I watch a documentary on mangroves. I think it was on National Geographic TV (maybe Discovery Channel). I agree they are a wonder of the nature.

    I like the way in which you represent the idea in your watercolors. You synthesize the text and the drawing gives the support for it. Great illustrations!

    • Thank you so very much! I really was amazed and in awe of the mangroves ability to be so resilient in such an environment! Thank you as well for your comment on my writing! I am a scientific writer mostly so this type of writing style is new to me! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Yes, I know these mangroves… they are amazing. I can see how inspired you and I loved the title too. Thank you my creative friend, dear Lorelei, with my love, nia

    • Aren’t they beautiful!!! Thanks nia, I’ve gotten a few comments on my writing lately that all have been positive! That’s nice too as I generally am used to a scientific writing style! You are so kind in your comments! Have a lovely day! Lorelei

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