Watercolourist Enjoys Seeing Dolphins


two little frolicking friends

We went on two boat tours while in Marco Island and we saw lots of dolphins on both.  My son was the only one to get photographs and we didn’t see any of them jumping quite this high out of the water.  A few years ago, I was standing high on the beach and my husband and daughter were playing in the water.  I could see the dolphin speeding toward them, as the water was teaming with small fish, and I called out to let them know.  The dolphin then jumped out the water much like I have seen a trout or other smaller fish do.  It had the fish in its mouth and it was amazing!  These dolphins were actually taken from a statue in the home I rented.  I’m not thrilled with the left fin on the front dolphin but I like the other one quite a bit!  Enjoy, go dolphin watching when you get the chance and keep making art!



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  1. I love dolphins and look forward to getting the chance to swim with them one day. I love the picture particularly the shading.
    Namaste, G

    • I am so thrilled you liked it! I was a little hesitant about it but it is all a learning experience! I hope you get that chance to swim with dolphins! Thank you for you lovely comments! Namaste and all the best, Lorelei

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  3. I love dolphins too… What a nice inspiration… I loved it dear Lorelei, Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, angels and muses be with you, with my love, nia

  4. I love the watercolor! Thanks for sharing it. I also watch dolphins in Marco Island and throughout Southwest Florida. Such a beautiful area. There is just something so special about seeing and spending time with dolphins. So fun! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

    • Thanks so much! I am thrilled that a regular dolphin watcher thinks I did a good job! We really enjoyed our trip ( it’s the 6th to Marco in as mnay years) and one thing we have always loved are the dolphins! Spending time with the dolphins is so wonderful and it sends such a wonderful sense of awe throughout the people watching! Thanks again for your very kind comment!

    • I really like Cezanne’s still life works and have a book on Cezanne. I have comlpleted a few still life pieces (one is coming soon actually) but put my own twist on them! I’ll post a few more within the next week or two. Let’s see what you think! Thanks so much again for the comment! I am really loving all the photography and the writing too! So imaginative and creative! May the angels and muses be with you, Lorelei

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